It was a weird dream, I was busy in flipping the pages with a brush in my mouth, running for bath, dressing myself and seems like worrying for a war. I was just running here and there all the time, before I step into one of the two buses which was already overloaded with future IT professionals. For one secnd, I questioned myself, Have I seen these guys before?No Never before like this. All were in their best suitable dresses so far in their college life. I stepped out to have a glance at the other bus.It was also full of angels(Ofcourse some angels are still busy in pinning their hairbands, adjusting files..and other things). It was the best snapshot of our college girls as a group in the bus. No doubt individually they are  more beautiful!! I would have lost myself, if i had stayed more than 5 minutes in that bus. So, I went to the first bus again and got seat adjusted with one of my close friends, Krishna. I slept all the way, about 2 hrs. Got relaxed after having breakfast in the canteen of JNTA.


Well, I was there for attending interview of STC(Suri Technicals & Co, might be the reverse :D) I just opened my file for seeing my entire 4 years achievements( Frankly, It is not what I achieved). Here comes the MeritOne guy with a list of candidates who got shortlisted for STC. He announced the first name. He was none other than Uppi, with a little tense on his face, raised from his seat, collecting his file.I just wished him, All the best and thought he was the luckiest fellow who got rid off the tension first. After sometime they returned and we are eager in knowing how they performed? What are the questions?And their answers? Calculating their performance, we imagined their chance of getting selected and doubling our tension as much as we have.


Meanwhile, My name was announced for panel 5&6 along with 2 other collegemates (Chandra Keerthi and Anusha). We are asked to sit outside the interview hall. By the time I went, two of my roommates( Pavan and Srikanth) were awaiting there. Chandra Keerti was called in after some time. We inquired the girl who came out, about the panel. I am the next to be called in. I spent sometime in talking with Sati, Sp while waiting there. I started talking to overcome my tense. I asked my  friend(Pavan) who is on the right side to check my heart beat. It gained its momentum. He put his hand on my heart and said, “Cool dude, you are already selected as well as I”. The girl beside me asked,” What about me?” He replied,” You too got selected :-)”. He then patted me on my shoulder with a pleasant smile on his face and said relax. I checked his heart beat, it was normal as usual(May be he lost the tension for waiting such long hours there..). I just closed my eyes for a second and told myself. “I have already a job, Let the whole hell be happened here . So that I can overcome it for the next time. But make sure it was not going to be the previous GD’s at any cost”. I stood up, checked my attire. I sat again after having a confident attire with neat tuck in. I lost my tension and started imaging how I am going to rule the next 20 minutes. Finally I settled down myself concluding that I am going to have another memorable event. The girl beside me seems to have double tensed than me. I just smiled and said, “You need not worry you will be selected, have a pleasant smile, Hrs will be flat for you smile,..” and some other unbelievable facts. I checked my resume and had points what to speak and what not to speak!.


The MeritOne guy called my name. I stood infront of the door for 3 minutes and then went in. There lies my target whom I have to mesmerize by the end of  interview. He was a clean shaved man with a little bald head and worn a blue shirt,he was busy in typing some text in his cell. I looked at whole room and my seating chair( It  was an armed chair, I decided to keep my hands over it). There was a water bottle and some snacks on the table with a file consisting of our written test papers attached with resumes. I stood there with a file in my left hand and a pleasant smile on my face eagerly waiting to wish him. The moment he raised his head above neck I wished him


Hr        : Hai

Me       : Hai Sir

(Damn, I thought only “Hai” will be apt here)

Hr        : Take your seat

Me       : Thank you sir.

Hr        : Just a second

Me       : (I just noded with a smile).

(He typed some text in his cell. Nearly after 1minute He took my resume which was in the file along with my written test paper and read my name)

Hr        : Nithesh Chandra

Me       : Yes sir.

(My resume is like this in order Name, Address, Career Objective, Marks, Project, Languages, Achievements and Strengths)

Hr        : Edulagudem

Me       : Yes sir, it is our village near Agiripalli, Agiripalli is our mandal.

(He closed his eyes for a sec and said…)

Hr        : Is it in between Agiripalli and Nuzvid?

Me       : Yes sir, Do you know that place?

(He simply smiled and nodded)

Me       : I completed my schooling in St Ann’s Nuzvid.

(He went line by line of my resume, Ganguru is where I completed my Intermediate)

Hr        : Ganguru, Where is it?

Me       : It is 6km away from Vijayawada, It is on the Machilipatnam route. Edupugallu, Ganguru are on the same route. Most of the corporate colleges are around the outskirts of Vijayawada.

Hr        : Penamaluru is also on the same route, right?

Me       : Yes on the same route.(I donno actually where it is?)

Hr        : Mr. Nithesh Chandra, You have good % in Tenth and in +2 What happened in B.Tech?

Me       : I have 67% in B.Tech. I concentrated more on communication skills and other social activities. In fact, we conducted two Sarvagnya’s. In that no  one came forward to collect friends. I took it as a challenge and collected nearly 40% of the funds. We explained them how they will be get benefited like advertisement. If we take newspaper it will be seen for only day and thrown way. As we are conducting National Level Symposiums students from different regions will attend and keep these books (souvenir) for future reference also. We have some format sir. Those who contribute more will be given more priority like color paper advertisement and on cover pages. We spoke to them accordingly, whether they are interested in funding or not and based on that we explained our format of voucher. I got Rs.20000 from our home town MLA. How we lured him is by saying that this college is in the constituency of YSR, if you contribute then you will have some benefits in the congress party. Our MLA was from congress party and we got that funding.

(While I was telling this story, He was eating the sweet and now only hot was left on the table)

Hr        : Pulivendula is a rural area, How you spoke to them in english?

Me       : When we went to small shops near and around Pulivendula we speak to them in Telugu. But majority of the funds come from colleges and industries where we have to speak in english with principles, managers of industries and other people. We went to colleges in Kadapa and Ananthapur regions.

(He had smile on his face, I think he was convinced)

Hr        : Reign of Legends

Me       : Its the name title of our project..Um.. Its the title of our project. Its is a 2D computer game sir. Its a role-play sir. We are three members who did the project. We three are very good at coding and no one is interested in design part and I took that. The player has to play the role of Prince. The outline is the prince visits each and every village in his kingdom. He comes to know that a village was attacked by a sorrowful lady. He then fights with the three monsters and wins the game. The three monsters, the first one was with a sword, the second one is skeleton with a long sword and the final one is with some magical powers who simply pushes like this(I moved my both hands forward as if I was giving a punch). There will be energy levels for both prince and monsters which will be decreased while fighting, whoever remains wins the game. We used the GIMP for photos and allegro library. In this library we have predefined functions of which we used directly with the help of website cppprogramming. The difficult part where we felt is the collision detection. Why because whenever the hero walks he has to stop walking on mountains, houses and monsters or some other things. It has taken a lot of time during this part.

Hr        : What was the IDE you used?

Me       : Dev C++ sir, Its a open source software and we are free to use it.

(In my resume I have written languages known as C,C++ and RDBMS)

Hr        : What about java?

Me       : Sir, Java was over in 3-2 sir. But I am very interested in C and C++.

Hr        : What is an array?

(I thought as if I am holding the steering and taken a complete U turn)

Me       : Explained whole thing with an example including declarations, sizes, index and what all I knew about arrays.

Hr        : What is pointer?

Me       : Pointer is a variable which the address of another variable. And then example, declaration, how to access it(*p what happens when we increments) and why we use it, like pass by reference.

Hr        : What are data structures?

Me       : (I didn’t got anything for 30 sec, I was dumbstruck)Sir,..I cant remember the definition now but Nodes, trees, graphs come under these.(With a small gap of 50 secnds). Um..Linked lists also come under this.

Hr        : What are linked lists?

Me       : Linked lists are the one in which data is present in one field and the other is containing a pointer to another node and like this so on..The memory need not be contagious.

(The MeritOne guy came with a list of some papers, we two looked at him and he gave Hr the evaluation sheets. After that Hr turned to resume again)

Hr        : Recently you got a job in Indian Postal Department

Me       : Yes sir, It is an Intermediate Qualification one called sorting assistant. It has some vacancies in each and every region. For that they will take the applicants. The process is like this, suppose there are 50 posts the region has to take the top 500 applicants,…that is 1:10 ratio and gives them hall ticket based on Inter marks including the reservations too. The exam consists of General Knowledge, English, Reasoning and Aptitude along with typing test. I stood 6th in this exam. I am not interested in doing that, the work is sorting the letters based on their region like Vijayawada, Chittor..etc. Why I have written that is to know whether I can withstand with outside competition or not, as government job has heavy competition. I m very passionate about software and wants to be in industry. In-fact I have to submit the certificates either yesterday or today, which I have decided to leave it.

Hr        : What would you have become, if you are not an engineer?

Me       : I would have become a farmer. I am very interested in farming which I do mostly in my holidays. I used to work in fields for every summer and whenever I got free time from my childhood sir.

Hr        : What is your life ambition?

Me       : To build a library in my village sir..Um… In my childhood I used to go to Agiripalli for getting books like novels.

Hr        : Can you work in any place?

Me       : Yes sir, I am flexible. I can work in any place. My hometown is about 700 km away from here but I still can stay here.

Hr        : What 1700?

Me       : NO sir, its 700km. It takes complete 12 hours journey by bus.

Hr        : then why don’t you build an engineering college near your town?

Me       : I smiled and said sir there are many engineering colleges near our town, but why I have chosen this is Its a university and government college and here the standards will be maintained and the environment will be different.

Hr        : Well, Do you have any questions?

Me       : Sir, i heard that we can do both higher studies and job at a time, How can we maintain both?

Hr        : Yeah, Its simple. Its like distance education. You can attend online classes and can complete job work in remaining time.

Me       : Ok sir.

Hr        : All the best(He extended his hand)

Me       : Thank you

(I shook the hand while raising from my seat and came out. I forgot to set the chair straight)


I came outside and said to my friends well I did my best, I knew its my best performance so far, I was overwhelmed with joy. I said, “Its all completed here”. I heard a loud voice saying “LEARNING STARTS HERE”. “Get up, you have an interview today”, Its my roommate who is struggling in waking me up. “You have to start learning”. I opened my eyes and exclaimed, “What a dream!!”. He replied, “Yes it will be a dream forever, if you dont start now”.


Finally you can comment on my dream. 😀



With a troop of 42 students and four faculty members(really cool) our journey started on 23rd March night by 11:00 PM after getting all the well wishes from our Dept faculty(Chenna Sir, Siva sir and Keshalu sir) and followed by usual rituals performed by our friends(pujaris). The shouting and whistles came out after the DVD Coach started on its wheels.

I cant write the whole tour details as I did it in my diary with additionals. :-). So, I am skipping most of the things here 😦 We covered the following places Cubbon Park,Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya Museum and ISCON temple in Bangalore,visited Ranganatha swamy temple , Tipu Sultan’s Gumbaz in Srirangapatnam , and Mysore palace, Brundavan gardens in Mysore. We spent nearly two days in Ooty covering Botanical gardens,Boating and enjoyed the toy train journey from Niligiri hills to Coonor.Here comes the main intention of my post ..

Actually my birthday has to be celebrated at midnight of 27 march .But by that time all, including me slept snoring as we are exhausted by dancing in camp-fire. While we are in train someone said they have forgotten the cake, then one of our class athlete ran like bolt and got it in time to train. It was almost after two decades I have taken the knife and cut the cake for the first time in my life, that too in train journey(in the reverse motion i.e., The train moves in reverse direction before halting). I got a nice gift (black sweater) from my batch :-). I will appreciate the selection team. The most beautiful scene I liked was the collision of boats while boating and then i received the birthday song from all around boat-mates. It wouldn’t have been such a memorable event for me, if it was celebrated in the midnight itself! Thanks one and all!!



Though there was a trouble with our bus sometimes, we enjoyed a lot in the bus by conducting several fun loved events like anthyakshari, dumbc and variety of astonishing games organized by our mates.Everyone who came to tour shaked their bodies(some relevant to the music n some due to bus turnings). I was overwhelmed to see so many dancers from cse(esp girls) and including staff 🙂 Even I danced more than twice 🙂 Sight seeing was also nice, I don’t understand the reason why some of our friends looked awesome in other states than in our class, though there are some aunties ;-). We did nice shopping and even horse riding.

On the whole I have a remarkable milestone in my B.Tech life and thanks to one and all for being the part of it. It wouldnt be such a remarkable one without your glorious presence!

The rest of the batch is at rest and we really miss u all 😦

I specially want to thank the four faculty members Lakshmi mam, Lavnya mam, Sudheer sir and Jannardhan sir on behalf of our batch. Thank you once again for being the part of our tour.

I don’t know how to thank these people, except in this manner 🙂

And these are not the names of our classmates but, the members of our tour and moreover all are my friends 😉

Billa(King), Vaishali, Ms Reddy, CR(Enti??)

Shakira, Akhi, Anu, Micheal Jackson, Hussey(Pittapuram pilla Jamindar)

JSP, Venky(Very ENergetiK YOUNG), Actually Sindhu.., Bhaskar(Bunny)

Saritha(Chat Box, 5Star, Robot), Rakhe(Yuva SIMHA), MagaDHEERAj(Bassanio)

Rao(Gang Leader), Soumya(Khadri Queen), Niharika(Jennifer), KISSan, NeethikaBoppaMourya,

Orange Aunty(Varai),Siva(Don),Anusha(Sammakka)

Lokanayakudu(All rounder) , Shoiab(Gym Boy), Venkat(Rebel), Veerabharathi(Vedio woman,potti)

Genius(Sarvam Arvam),okc(Fire Star..Solmon Raju),Peddodu Pillodu

dRAGhav, DhamkAPPA, Ranga(Macha), Naik(Sleeping Star),

Swamy(THE LEARNER)(Silent Killer), Rathan(Tata),Sravanthi(Orugallu pilla),Soumya(Sherapova)

Bhanu(Banana Birava, Cheraku Chandrudu),UppeDAR(Sollu Ratna, Creativity).

And finally u can comment here !! 😉

Dear frnds,

This is my first post on the planet of WordPress(pressing more words…) :-).

I just want to bring the INNER and OUTER of me into one…..To be frank , the fact is “What you can see me out, is not the one What the inner one in me thinks or wants to be.”(Due to the  rules,regulations, restrictions of our society on every living & nonliving things).Pls never mind… My English is terrible!!!  Correct me wherever necessary. My main intention of this blog is Freeing myself..!!

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Thanks to my senior friend(tuxnani), who encouraged me in writing this blog and also to whom I haven’t mentioned thanks even once, in spite of his continuous help. 😦

I  want you to leave a comment,which I would be grateful and greatly appreciate that!!  😉